Senior Creative Producer


Culture is the most valuable asset and my background and love for traveling allow me to connect and create meaningful content that diverse groups of people can relate to. I have a creative mind that literally never sleeps. If something is interesting to me, I write it down and figure out a way to build ideas around it.

As creative producer, I’ve managed and led the day-to-day creative production line from creative ideation stage all the way to deliverable for digital marketing and social media campaigns. This includes developing the creative vision and strategy, writing pitches, planning production shoots, and communicating with the internal and external teams clients, talents, and or agencies on the overall objective goals.

  • I’m a strategic and innovative thinker with an eye for design and details, understanding user-generated content, project management, and branded content for digital marketing and social media platforms.
  • My unique and diverse background and perspective from the creative and operational side as a creative producer have allowed me to work on result-driven content for storytelling campaigns and branded content.

Co-workers and friends will say the following:

  • Hard-working go-getter that finds a way to get the job done regardless of the obstacle
  • Positive thinker, passionate, and ambitious
  • A creative mastermind that can take a small idea and build a storytelling concept and project around.
  • A team leader that stands on the quote of “Teamwork makes the dream work”

Fun fact about myself.

I’ve competed on Food Network’s cooking competition Chopped. I own a crazy but super loving Yorke-Shitzu named Napoleon. I love to travel, go hiking, being outdoors, trying new food, and doing random road trips.