As a branded creative video producer, I’m responsible for developing branded videos for Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, reaching an audience of 250+ million. I work with a team of creatives and account managers to develop creative pitches, concepts, and direct executions for branded videos. I manage various accounts and projects with brands in tech, food, beverage, automobile, entertainment, and many other industries.

PRE PRODUCTION: Responsible for writing pitches, developing, and communicating with clients on creative vision and strategy. Work independently, as well as part of a team to help develop content strategies that fit within overall goals, objectives, and establish project deliverables.

PRODUCTION: Create a shooting schedule, logistics, and management of the shoot day. Coordinate and provide directions to set, clients, and or talent management, on-set creative director.

POST PRODUCTION: Work closely with the post-production coordinator, editors to manage production timelines, review content details, critique creative execution of the editing process, and ensure client goals and vision are met.

RESULTS: Increase brand recognition, drive engagement, and brand awareness. Analyze overall video performance to help develop and improve future digital content.