As a Content Producer/Editor, my role ideally is to work in 3 stages: creative concept (which is the team brainstorm session), the production and post production, until the content is complete and delivered. The content varies from long to short form videos. Creatively, I define the look and feel for the video; produce and art direct and ultimately responsible for developing the visual (videos) for each brand.

Mopar: Chasing Waves

Netflix: Santa Clarita Diet

Kenneth Cole: Gianni Lee

Kenneth Cole: Dayna Christison

Editorial: Mikalah

Editorial: Mikalah 2

Editoral: Katie Schmid

Editoral: Ownbyfemme "Rene" & Guess

Heed Magazine: Nigel Sylvester

Heed Magazine: "Superfly" Jason

Food: Sweet Chili Salmon Wrap

Food: Baked Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Food: Vietnamese Noodle Soup

Food: Lobster Tacos